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Help me Build It!

The first step to success on the internet is to build (or redesign) your website to meet your visitors needs. Don't worry about Google just yet, worry about what your visitors are looking for. SEO will come later.

Help me Market it!

The second step to success is to Market your new website! Are you going to use social media, Google Adwords, traditional print advertising, or focus on SEO?

Help me Analyze it!

DON'T GUESS if your marketing is working, Analyze your results using Website analytics, Phone Call Tracking, and mouse movement heatmaps. If you can only afford one, do the Analytics.

Help me Optimize it!

Now that you have seen the analytics, it's time to optmize your website. There is always room for improvement! Research the competition, choose keyword niches, and focus on conversions.

Reach Local Scam / Review

Super Media SEM Scam / Review

AdzZoo, the biggest SEM Scam

You will be approached by one of these 3 companies. Click any of these links to read why you should not pay for an expensive SEM program from a large corporation.

No Gimmicks offering "Free Website Help" or promising you can "make your website for free." I have to pay the bills too, but I do offer low, one time charges for most of my services.

Tacoma & Gig Harbor Web Design company

Offering affordable website help!

small website budget Limited Budget?

Being a small business owner, with a limited marketing budget, I understand the need you have to get the biggest bang for your buck. Most of my services are available for a low, one time charge.

honest web developer Honesty

I promise to be honest and forth coming with you. I am happy to answer your questions. If you do business with me, you get my personal cell phone # and devotion to helping you succeed on the internet.

website on a budget Prices

I am a self taught developer. I work out of my home, so I do not have any overhead. This means I can do quality work, for less money than most companies. Most of my services are charged on a flat rate basis & cost less than $149, or an hourly basis and are VERY reasonable.

Website design services

I design and build websites out of my home in Gig Harbor. I also help Tacoma businesses with website design and many other internet services. Website design is one of the first steps in establishing a strong internet presence. Your website design can either draw customers to your business, or scare them away.

Web design is more than just making the website look pretty. A strong web design will take into consideration your product, your services, your goals of the website, and will make it easy for website visitors to find what they are looking for.

Website analytics

A new website with website analytics is just guessing. How will you know if that new website is doing any better than your old website? If this is your first website, how will you know if (or when) your website starts showing up on Google? The only way to know is by looking at the website analytics. The problem is, looking at analytics data is both boring, and time consuming. That is why I offer my Easy Website Analytics.


I understand that most small business owners do not have an unlimited budget. I also want to help you in any way I can. For this reason, I am very flexible as to the services I offer. If you can't afford to have your website completely re-designed at this time, I will work with you to do what we can NOW to improve your website, within your budget. A lot of time it's the little things that make a difference.

I can help you make your website more effective in a few different ways. Please see my list of Small Business Website Services

Website Call Tracking

Use static or dynamic phone numbers to track calls generated by your website. You can have one static number that tracks all calls, or use dynamic phone numbers that will insert a different tracking number for each source.

Google Adwords logo You can display 1# for Google Adwords visitors 1# for Google Organic Visitors, 1# for Yahoo Visitors.

There is no limit to the sources you can track.

You can even link the data to your Google Analytics reports.

Learn more about website Call Tracking

Domains & Hosting

Big Mouth Websites - Affordable Domain Names, Hosting, Email and More.

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